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6 Tips for the Day You Load Your Storage Unit

Storage Unit
If you're renting a storage unit, you likely have a large number of items you need to transport to the storage unit in a single day. This endeavor can seem daunting, and you're sure to encounter challenges like a sofa that barely fits through the front door and tired arms that don't want to lift another box.
If you follow the six tips below, however, the day you dedicate to loading your storage unit will go more smoothly.

1. Rent a Moving Truck

You may be tempted to save money by taking several trips to and from the storage unit in your personal vehicle. But while this may save you a couple of dollars, it will take a lot more time. Plus, you may struggle to fit furniture and appliances into your car.
Moving trucks can be rented more affordably than you might think, and most now have automatic transmissions, so they're not very difficult to drive. The money you spend on the moving truck will be well worth finishing a few hours earlier.

2. Visit the Storage Unit First

Assuming the storage unit is a reasonable distance from your home, try visiting first in your personal car before you pull up with a moving truck full of items. This visit allows you to figure out where your storage unit is so you pull in seamlessly when you have the truck, rather than worrying about pulling down the wrong aisle, getting stuck, and having to back up a large truck.
Also measure the dimensions of the storage unit so you can plan how you'll organize your items within the space.

3. Have an Organizational Plan

With a good organizational plan, you make sure everything fits in your storage unit before you spend the time transporting it there. When you return home after checking up on the storage unit, take out a sheet of graph paper. Draw out the storage unit to scale, and then start planning where you will place various boxes, appliances, and pieces of furniture.
Put the items you'll need to access more often near the front. Plan on leaving space between stacks and rows of items so that you can navigate through the storage unit and find what you need. 

4. Assign Tasks to Each Helper

Hopefully you have already asked some friends or family members to come help you move your items into storage. When those helpers arrive, assign each person a task. For instance, you could ask one friend to keep boxes stacked neatly in the moving truck and another to take legs off of all the tables. This strategy keeps you working efficiently so that both you and your helpers can finish and go home on time.

5. Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

You never want to put anything into a storage unit that is not impeccably clean. Even a few crumbs could be enough to attract insects. Ideally, you will have cleaned all of your appliances and furniture prior to the big moving day.
However, you should still keep a bucket with basic cleaning supplies, like sponges, all-purpose cleaner, and some old toothbrushes, on hand. This way, if you come across something dirty, you can clean it before it gets sent out the door.

6. Take Breaks

Did you know that people tend to be more productive overall if they take periodic breaks when working?
Use this knowledge to your advantage, and remind your helpers to take a five-minute break to refresh and rejuvenate every hour or two. During these five minutes, they can sip water to prevent dehydration, sit down the rest their legs, or just walk around and take their minds off moving-related challenges.
As long as you follow the steps above, moving everything into storage within the span of a day is feasible. Are you looking for a storage space in the Chico, CA area? Contact All Secure Storage to learn about our secure storage options. 


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